Replica of Air Force One that sits in my living-room.

Why did I write My Last Baggage Call Aboard Air Force One?
I had always wanted to write about my journey from being a teenage father to enlisting in the military. My struggle with leaving everything behind that I knew and loved in order to provide a better life for my son.

From the moment that I raised my hand, I knew that I would make the military my life long career. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted that I would risen the ranks and end up working in the White House for three Presidents.

During my twenty-year career, I would experience things that the average person would not see nor do. Along the way, I would also find the love of my life to share this incredible journey.

For many years I had played with the idea of writing my book. It wasn’t until I received some news in December 2013 that would turn my world upside down, pushing me to finally put my thoughts down to paper. The news that I had received was that I had Stage 3 kidney cancer. Like most people, you hear the word cancer and you automatically think the worst. How could I have cancer when I didn’t have any symptoms? Being in the military, you have to stay fit. At that moment, I decided that if God pulled me through this, I wouldn’t waste any more time and write this book.

I wanted to ensure that I left a legacy for my family. I didn’t matter to me if the book was popular or not. I had to get my story out and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone who feels like their life is meaningless

Listen Glenn read from book:

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